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Designer dresses are highly coveted by people who love to dress well and want to look elegant and stylish in all that they wear.Dresses that are styled and made by the designers are called designer dresses. Designer dresses are of two types – Haute Couture and prêt line. Haute Couture is made to order for each customer while prêt line is ready to wear for all who buy it. Here we will be discussing about the prêt line or ready to wear dresses.designer dresses


The Haute Couture designer dresses are the much desired clothing line presented by leading design houses to a select coterie of customers who can afford it. The Haute Couture designer dresses are very expensive and hence quite unaffordable for most buyers, because style and fit of the designer dresses are more important than money spent or time consumed. So fashion houses have come up with the concept of prêt-a-porter or ready to wear line where designer dresses are made in standard sizes and larger numbers. The idea is to offer designer dresses that fit most people and can be worn without alterations. The advantage of prêt line is that more number of people is able to buy designer dresses. The designer dresses themselves, while not exclusive, are available in limited numbers, and hence are more expensive than the normal clothes available at retail shops. But most people don’t mind paying extra for limited edition designer dresses.

The dictionary definition of ready to wear clothes says clothing made in standard size and available at retail outlets. The ready to wear clothes are a combination of Haute Couture and mass production. Each design is conceived by the designers keeping in mind a certain theme, latest trends, new fashion ideas they wish to propound, etc. and then produced in garment manufacturing units in limited numbers. These designer dresses are sold at retail shops patronized by the design houses. You will not be able to get hold of prêt line clothes at any clothes shop. Though the clothes are manufactured industrially, they still offer exclusivity to a great extent because they are produced in limited numbers and may be offered for a limited time as well. The Couturiers themselves might take off the idea of a Haute Couture designer dresses and make that a basis for their prêt collection. The cost is reduced because standard patterns, standard sewing techniques and equipments are used instead of handcrafting at each stage.

Design houses and designers offer their prêt line collection for public viewing in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer season during fashion weeks. The Fall/Winter collection is presented in February while the Spring/Summer collection is presented in September or October. Such fashion shows have the best designer dresses and attract huge publicity and viewership. Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion weeks are the most coveted ones for the designers. Smaller designers may choose to display their designer dresses separately and usually before these fashion weeks.

Before going to select designer dresses, you need to identify the occasion for which you are buying, the weather constraints, the location one is going to and finally the type of silhouette one has. If you are going for a party, the time of the party is important to decide the color and type of fabric as well as whether any accessories like wraps or coats might be needed. If the party is during the day time, pastel colors with minimal jewelry are ideal. But if you are going for the evening party, which usually is the case, you can go for darker shades with more shimmer and sparkles.

The occasion is an important point while selecting the designer dresses. If you are going for a wedding, again pastels are more in line and white is a definite no. After all you don’t want to compete with the bride!! If you are going to a place known for its fashion trends, better be prepared to flaunt one or two yourself. If the place is more laid back or orthodox, think twice before wearing anything that might shock the gathering; for example a strapless deep cut dress. Your silhouette should be the single most important factor while choosing the appropriate dress for yourself. For, the dress should highlight the positives of your body and cover the negative aspects. For example, the dress for slim ladies should highlight the perfect body shape. For the busty shapes the dress should play down the heavy bust. Those with an hourglass figure should highlight their slim waistline as well as bust line.

When going to get a ready to wear dress, we often take it literally; that we will be able to wear it immediately. Remember that the designer dresses are made in standard sizes and not according to your body contours. So if the dress doesn’t fit you perfectly, go for the right alterations. It’ll be worth spending the extra money because you will now have a designer dress tailored to your body shape. That also means you should have some time in hand if you are buying for some specific occasion in mind. You should not go strictly by the size on the dress. The dress sizes of each designer label may vary. So the emphasis should be on the fit and not the size. If you like a dress but it seems too small or too large for you, don’t pass it up. Try a size higher or lower. That might do the trick for you. You should also buy accessories for your prêt dresses. They will add to its value. A single piece of jewelry can transform your dress from simple to extraordinary. You don’t need to overdo it; just one or two right pieces. But the wrong accessory can spoil your dress too, so be careful while buying.


If you crave for those lovely designer dresses and don’t mind indulging in them but are bogged down by the prohibitive prices of the Haute Couture, prêt line is the ideal choice for you. All you need to do is train your eyes and mind to pick the right one. And in no time will you yourself be wearing  lovely designer dresses.




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